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LTRAXTM is a combined data collection tool and outcomes engine built specifically for long-term acute care hospitals. With built-in support for CMS Quality Reporting as defined in the LTCH CARE Data Set, LTRAX merges administrative, clinical and acute hospital data and extracts patient centered outcomes in real time. LTRAX incorporates pre-admission screening, clinical assessments with specific data collection tools for wound and ventilator patients.

Patient Satisfaction surveys with HCAHPS questions are incorporated into LTRAX to allow simple and economical collection of standardized patient satisfaction data.

LTRAX delivers these tools to long-term acute care hospitals using secure, maintenance-free Internet technology. LTRAX helps you collect required quality reporting data — eliminating the need to use CMS' LASER software. In addition, LTRAX provides you with valuable returns on your data collection investment.

With over 280 LTACHs submitting data, LTRAX provides the industry's most comprehensive and reliable comparative benchmarking reports.

LTRAX Webinars
We know. You're doing more with less time. Join us for a series of webinars aimed at building your expert efficiency. Deepen your knowledge and learn the tips that will speed your workflow and make time for other tasks. Log in and go to Info/Links to register.

How to Get More from Your Launch Screen
Thursday March 11, 1pm ET

Tips and Tricks for Facility Administrators
Thursday March 25, 1pm ET

Managing Custom Data Fields
Thursday April 8, 1pm ET

Managing Referrals
Thursday April 22, 1pm ET

All About the PAS Tool
Thursday May 13, 1pm ET

Transmit Like a Pro
Thursday May 27, 1pm ET

Are Interrupted Stays Interrupting Your Workflow?
Thursday June 10, 1pm ET

Tips and Tricks for Your Facility Outcomes
Thursday June 24, 1pm ET

Save Time with Custom Data Download Templates
Thursday July 8, 1pm ET

Are You Satisfied with Your Patient Satisfaction Reports Knowledge?
Thursday July 22, 1pm ET

All About Wounds
Thursday August 12, 1pm ET

The Vent Tab
Thursday August 26, 1pm ET

Signing Up with LTRAX
From hassle-free set-up and user-friendly assessments to clinical management support, LTRAX features help you easily comply with, and even benefit from CMS mandates for data collection. Call us at 301-357-8110 to schedule a demonstration of the system.
LTCH CARE Data Set and CMS Quality Reporting
More information:
  • See the collection of information and links available in the Overview on New Quality Reporting Programs for LTCHs, IRFs, and Hospices on the CMS website.
  • LTRAX : Outcomes-focused intelligence to guide executive management and improve patient care.

    Brochure: How LTRAX Supports the CARE Tool

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